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Why Palur Organic Farms

We have been practicing agriculture for over a  century in these lands. We have not used pesticides or fungicides on any of our crops over the past 15 years. We have underground borewells at 400-500 feet depth so that even the most water intensive crop can be cultivated without the problem of water shortage.

The soil is sand loamy and clayey. The soil is suitable for most of the cash crops grown in tamil nadu. Some of the cash crops we cultivate are, rice, sugarcane, maize and other pulses. Some of the horticultural crops we cultivate are mango, amla, coconut and banana. The weather is moderate and the temperature ranges between 20-45 degree Celsius.

The labour is available and very co-operative. The adjoining river provides recharge facility for our motors. The land that you will own will be clearly demarcated and will have access to road on atleast one side of the plot. The agriculture implements are available at a reasonable cost.

Guidance is available from my father Mr. Venugopal (who has over 30 years of exp in farming) and also from the local agricultural offices. A mini sub station is available in the village so that the power shortage problem can be overcome to an extent.  The farm is just 45kms away from the nearest national highway and is just a 4hour drive to the capital city Chennai.

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