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About Palur Agro Farms

Palur Agro Farms is a 140 acre integrated self contained organic farm located in the village of Keelapalaiyur. The Farm has been a pioneer in innovative agricultural practices over the past couple of decades. Even before organic farming attained its prominence as it is today, the farm has stopped using any form of pesticides or fungicides for more than 15 years on any of the crops grown.

The farm is engaged in the cultivation of rice, sugarcane, coconut, banana, amla and mango apart from some seasonal crops like pulses are cereals. The farm employs more than 100 people in a contractual mode based on the requirement. The farm supplies it's sugarcane to the Ambiga sugars factory located in the town of Penndam which is 25 kms away.

Agro forestry is a key initiative in the farm. Several fast growing tree varieties are being cultivated. Melia Dubia, Kumil, Bamboo – just to name a few.  The farm has seven deep water borewells with motors ranging from 20-30 HP.

In addition the farm has 6 more service lines and should there be a need, additional borewells can be dug. There are pipelines running across the length and breadth of the farm that connects the motors to the various fields, so as to minimize the wastage of water. The farm also has a tractor, trailer, a mini tiller and all associated agricultural implements.

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